Social distancing is getting real during the Corona Virus outbreak but the artistic community is coming up with creative ideas for us all to remain connected via live streaming of all sorts of events. You're not alone when you can join friends and even strangers to listen to great music from the comfort of your home. That's why I'd like to invite you all to check out The Quarantine Sessions is an ongoing project lead by womxn you can also check out updates on Facebook at the House of Breaking Glass 

A little history of how it all came about: When my dear friend and fabulous pianist Marina Albero got a barrage of concerts cancellation totaling a loss in the amount of $5,000 and saw the terrible domino effect this outbreak was having on the community as a whole, she sprung into action and came up with an idea to have live concerts streamed live from a recording studio and make it available to the public for free or for donations to help pay the artists. When she asked me, Jacqueline Tabor and other women to help her get the series going, we all said YES. The idea is to feature different artists and potentially expand the series to other recording studios. The recording studio she teamed up with for the first concerts is House of Breaking Glass Studio in Shoreline and the costs associated with providing high-quality audio and video are being sponsored by generous individuals and organizations such as Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam and Earshot Jazz!































version of “Caravan” she seems to suggest that the same is also the case with Mr. Holmberg, her drummer. Perhaps she takes “Autumn Leaves” a shade too up-tempo, losing somewhat, the brooding nature of Fall, but her version of “Misty” is magnificent. For everything that Miss Tabor does vocally and for everything that the musicians who accompany her do to embellish her singing, this is a highly desirable album.


Tracklist –  01: On Green Dolphin Street; 02: I Can’t Give You Anything But Love; 03: Autumn Leaves; 04: Misty; 05: Lady in the Gown; 06: Caravan; 07: Tight; 08: When the Lights Are Low; 09: Dindi; 10: I Fall in Love Too Easily; 11: That’s All; 12: Mood Indigo; 13: It Could Happen To You; 14: Never Make a Move Too Soon; 15: Crazy He Calls Me


Personnel – Jacqueline Tabor: vocals; Cole Schuster: guitar; Greg Feingold: bass; Max Holmberg: drums