I am finally announcing that I am taking just a few students for performance coaching and have been asked so much in the past few weeks that I am trying to make this work to benefit everyone!

When I first started out on the Seattle Jazz Scene, I worked at the private party, wedding /functioning band angle. This is a situation where you can learn a lot but there were still small details that if you did not have friends with criticism both good and bad, random people with wisdom, the courage to ask the band what do they think and that guy that drank too much at wedding and told you not to quit your day job. .

What I do is work with your strengths and natural abilities and find the tools to enhance your performance as an artist. If you are scared to count off the band then let’s work on it so that you are fearless and command the stage. Are quick tempo tunes your doom, lets break it down and slow it down and find the root of what is stopping you from singing fast.

This is something new and exciting for me to have an opportunity to help fellow musicians with feeling great on stage. From your song list, outfit, and the conversation you should be having with the audience and how to make a connection with the audience. I am a personal person both on stage and in my general life therefore I try and work on being my genuine self on stage.

If you are interested in speaking about your needs and whether or not this collaboration will work please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I have a flat rate of 35.00 an hour and can meet you wherever it works for both of us. If you want me to critique your performance than the rate of 35.00 plus cover will need to be included plus mileage and parking.

Contact me however you feel most comfortable and let's work together!