Rodney Harwood a Staff writer for Jazz in the Valley wrote a beautiful article this past July, it is an honor to perform at this festival again. Photo credit Rob Fraser/Clymer Museum 

Rodney Harwood Staff writer for 22nd annual Jazz in the Valley

Jacqueline Tabor continued to make her mark among the great jazz talent in the Northwest when she infused a bluesy sonority into her performance on “The Lady in the Gown”. To take her signature sound to a new level in 2018.      

The 2018 NW Earshot Vocalist of the Year will bring that soulful voice that infused the intuition of the blues and the instinct of jazz, and that is the Tabor sound to the 22nd annual Jazz in the Valley stage on Friday Night. 

Her 2018 endeavor, The Lady in the Gown, which was nominated for NW Earshot Album of the Year, is supported by Cole Schuster on guitar, Greg Overhultz-Feingold on bass and Max Holmberg on drums. Tabor refers to this collaboration as a “dream team”, allowing her to experiment and expand her repertoire, knowing she has their support with any chances she might take musically.

The Bellevue native who graduated from Sammamish High School where she studied under Jack Halm, a great jazz professor in his own right, who taught in the Bellevue School District and at Seattle Pacific University. Tabor went onto study music at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she developed a deep understanding of the blues and the origins of jazz music.

Tabor’s vocals style draws on the history of jazz music and the great singers before her. She has a relaxed style and just a spice of blues.  She is the God-Daughter of the late Edmonia Jarrett whose amazing career and journey of perseverance have left herself, her family and Seattle with a great loss and an amazing legacy Tabor hopes to live up to one day.

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