There is nothing more exciting than to have something new to share with your friends especially when it has to do with the word FLASK!

I have the pleasure of having a great friend who encourages me and gives me great advice. The production of the Lady in the Gown and musician extraordinaire Kate Voss is the best or I like to say the BOSS! We spoke over cocktails one evening and I talked about my flask I love and my favorite Bourbon: Basil Hayden. She asked me why I was not selling one of my own since I carry one in real life.  

I had to take another look at my schedule and pending opportunities to sell merchandise, why would I not want to have something new to sell?  Being a musician with a full-time job is hard however that allows me to discuss things with my friends at work who I call the UNICORNS. That will be discussed in future blogs. 

So, on went on the wonderful internet and found CKB Products Wholesale and worked with Justin! It was a great experience and they were very patient with all my many questions. I have never designed anything and especially not a flask. They made it a very user-friendly experience.

I found a good picture and some wonderful font and in just in about a week I have my new wonderful SEATTLE CHANTEUSE/ JACQUELINE TABOR flasks. I am very excited to sell to anyone who may want one. They are $20.00 and will be sold along with Lady in the Gown and The Jazz in You albums.

I am having a bundle sale right now; you can get my Lady in the Gown and the Jazz in You albums for $30.00 and if you want to add the flask it will be $45.00.