I am happy to announce that I will be taking what one might call a mid-west tour throughout   2021. Dates and time will be announced in the next few weeks and I am looking forward to spreading my wings and seeing where they take me.

This part of the United States has opened its arms to me and continued to make me feel welcome. More to come so stay tuned!

I've have to be honest here. I've never heard of Jacqueline Tabor before playing this CD for the first time. I listen to a lot of these CDs, from male and female singers trying to present their individual takes on the jazz we all know and love, and it's been a while since I've heard someone handle the challenge with such purity and confidence.

The legendary  Jim Wilke of KNKX broadcast of the Billie Holiday Tribute I had the honor performing is now available on a podcast, iTunes and Spotify


I have had the honor of working with this tremendous orchestra now for the third time and I will say I am proud of this performance and the work it took to create it.

The iconic American singer Billie Holiday is subject to tribute concerts by the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra and guest vocalist Jacqueline Tabor performed at Kirkland performance Center and Benaroya Hall in Seattle. 

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