Past Gigs & Performance Dates.

Who knows what will happen this summer but why not prepare to have your own concert experience in the comfort of your own backyard? If you have space, time, interest, and budget reach out to me directly at any time and let us chat about making safe music. Dates are filling up fast I am executed to be working with Marina Albero and Hans Teuber on this backyard experience.


Did you know that Jacqueline Tabor can bring her jazz to you? It is a special experience having live music at your private event, celebration, and even your home. I love to create a genuine moment to make lasting memories. It also allows guests to interact with working musicians, ask questions and honor the antiquity of jazz. Any space can truly be turned into a music venue. As the Pacific Northwest expands and changes, we as a community need to find innovative spaces to create. Your home, office, library, and even a lobby can serve as a unique jazz venue. I have performed in some very precarious locations and once we played a gig for a wedding in a closet. And yes, the closet was just that big and it was a quartet that evening.