Past Gigs & Performance Dates.

I am looking forward to playing music with a new project on October 27th at the Seattle Jazz Fellowship at 7:00 PM we’ll have Fellowship hour - an opportunity to catch up with friends, listen to some “sides” and meet some of the new faces in our community. At 8:00 PM we’ll showcase two of Seattle’s top jazz artists every week with a set of live music from each band. Vermillion is an art bar and gallery located at 1508 11th Avenue, Shawn Schlogel on piano, Osama Afifi on bass and Max Holmberg on drums.

The Seattle Jazz Fellowship is an inclusive space that exists at the intersection of community, fellowship, and learning as it pertains to jazz music, the creation of Black American culture, and struggle. The Fellowship hosts workshops, jam sessions, rehearsals, album listening events, mentorship programs, and public performances, engaging local master musicians, as well as touring bands and those new to the profession and experience of jazz. 

The mission of the Seattle Jazz Fellowship is to provide both aspiring young talent and experienced elders a place in the mentorship culture that has propelled jazz forward since its very inception. Our vision is that by investing in the jazz community and providing opportunities for mentorship, fellowship, and in-the-moment creation, we will ensure the richness, sustainability, and growth of jazz artistry in our community.