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It is with great excitement to announce that the Billie Holiday Tribute performed at Benaroya Hall with the legendary Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra is up for an Earshot Award for Concert of the year. For those who attended the concert, I thank you and for those who endured the hours of prep, tears, and sweat I thank you as well. I felt like I channeled many ancestors and felt the spirit of Bille Holiday surrounding me and that feeling has never left me. I am a survivor of many things in life and paying honor to Holiday was one of the most healing moments of my life. To be recognized is really enough and extremely humbling and more than I could ever expect. If you would like to cast your vote please go to  voting ends March 1st 

Below are some links that highlight the performance and the second link features the encore song Strange Fruit 

or performing is  available on a podcast, iTunes, and Spotify 

The encore to this performance is available at this link at 55:00