Upcoming Gigs & Performance Dates.

Thursday, October 8th at 6:00 pm Jacqueline Tabor and Marina Albero with a brilliant performance filmed at Soma Resonance in the Heart of Bellevue https://www.bellevuedowntown.com/events/jazz-and-blues-festival/watch  This is the second phase of Don't Explain and a special thanks to Kind and Company Events for creating a beautiful setting for our performance: https://www.kacevents.com/  if you missed it fast forward to 1:05 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bK7dywodZE&t=3913s


October 5-9, 2020  |  Free Event

The Bellevue Jazz & Blues Festival returns this October in an all-digital format! Watch 60+ top regional jazz and blues musicians in 20 performances recorded in the #HeartofBellevue. Each evening, October 5 through 9, performances will be streamed back-to-back from the Resonance Theater in Downtown Bellevue. The event is entirely free and open to all ages!

This event is made possible by supporting partners Microsoft and the City of Bellevue.