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Glad to be back in one of the premier haunted hotels in the town Hotel Sorrento with Cole Schuster on Guitar and Greg Feingold on Bass https://www.hotelsorrento.com/

Hotel Sorrento is an independent boutique hotel that has been welcoming guests to the top of Seattle’s First Hill since 1909. Infusing the richness of Seattle’s history with a touch of the unexpected, we preserve the l community while inspiring the culturally curious who seek the original and authentic.

The vibrant and well-established neighborhood, a few minutes from downtown shopping and Capitol Hill dining and nightlife, serves up Seattle's most esteemed art and culture institutions, like Town Hall, The Frye Art Museum, St. James Cathedral and more. We bring travelers and Seattle locals together with style, sophistication, and individuality. We see our guests as “experiencers,” people who do more than travel, more than dine out and more than pop in for a drink. They seek to arouse their senses in a way that elevates what they do from action to experience.