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Jacqueline Tabor | The Seattle Chanteuse

Jacqueline Tabor, the Seattle Chanteuse’s signature bluesy style has set her apart as a legendary performer in the Pacific Northwest. She combines relaxed energy with tremendous range and masterful improvisation, defining herself as a unique and dynamic presence in the contemporary jazz world. Tabor’s stunning vocals have thrice earned her the Earshot Jazz Vocalist of the Year Award, as well as the Seattle-Kobe Sister City Association Female Jazz Vocalist Award. Backed by a hand-picked ensemble of Seattle’s most talented jazz musicians, Tabor always brings you a breathtaking performance that stands as a testament to her place as one of the PNW’s most beloved jazz voices. In 2020 prior to the Pandemic, she created and performed a powerful tribute concert to Billie Holiday with the legendary Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra and continues to collaborate with this outstanding organization.

“Jacqueline Tabor is a joy to work with. Her authentic and heartfelt interpretations of classic jazz pieces and new pieces alike, bring outstanding energy and depth to the stage. Every one of her outings with the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra has been a musical triumph, and we look forward to sharing the stage again with her for many years to come.”

- Michael Brockman Co- Director of SRJO

In 2011, she released her debut LP, What a Wonderful World, which helped Tabor earn the prestigious Earshot Jazz Award for Northwest Vocalist of the Year in 2012. Tabor released her second album in 2014, The Jazz in You, which was recorded live by KNKX’s (formerly KPLU’s) Jim Wilke at the Seattle Jazz Vespers. This project received national acclaim and exposure to airways. It later went on to be showcased in a coveted KNKX in-studio session in 2016, now available on YouTube/NPR.This experience inspired her next step, which quickly turned into an evolution of her career.

In 2018, Tabor’s third album, The Lady in the Gown, was released. This project has 15 jazz tunes including the original title track that incorporates the fresh sound and new vibe from her collaboration with the wonderful 200 Trio. Max Holmberg on drums is an inspiration to rhythm and brings a coolness and savvy more seasoned musicians yearn to obtain. Greg Feingold is a bass playing purist, meaning one who can play without electronic amplification. The strength of his strumming is simultaneously tremendous and subtle. Cole Schuster is a beautiful guitarist who keeps a very “cool customer” look on his face while playing monster licks that move your heart and make your mind think. These men have really created a space for Tabor to broaden her song list with great support and respect. Following the album release, Tabor went on to accept an Earshot Jazz Award for the second time, receiving the 2018 Vocalist of the Year honor, while also being nominated in the Album of the Year category for The Lady in the Gown.

In March 2020, Tabor had the honor of being part of The Quarantine Sessions (TQS). TQS is the brainchild of Marina Albero, the multifaced, exceptionally talented pianist. This project was womxn-led and received national acclaim from Los Angeles to New York City. In October 2020 this project now has a home and a creative residency at Block 41 and the support of Teatro Zin Zanni.

What is happening next, travel, composition, arrangement and being authentic, stay tuned.


“Tabor's surprise is her own composition, the namesake of the CD, "Lady in the Gown." Relating a jazz singer's life, this song is jammed with an upbeat spirit of confidence. Tabor lets us know with pluck and humor that she "loves her music just like her man" and that she "rocks it like a queen that's proud." Tabor's love of life and love of music sparkles and beckons through all her songs.”

–Lucienne Aggarwal, Earshot Magazine


"Jacqueline Tabor’s voice seems to transcend those modest goals by the sheer perfection of the execution. I know this is a personal thing, but there's something about Tabor's voice that is so exquisitely rendering and so flawless. I don't think she sings one single note that isn't the right note, with the perfect amount of sustained vibrato. Yet there's nothing about her voice that isn't deeply human and touched by the emotions contained in the lyrics."

-Marc Phillips, The Vinyl Anachronist


“The Pacific Northwest is ripe with talent from creative talents that lean towards the avant-garde, to rock-based jazz enterprises, to straight-ahead aficionados, to bluesy chanteuses. Vocalist Jacqueline D. Tabor fits squarely in the latter category."

-Geannine Reid, All About Jazz


“Tabor has a grasp on multiple genres of music, from jazz, to blues, to Americana to traditional ballads. On her latest release, "The Lady in The Gown," she showcases them all with a voice that is very sweet and pervasively easy to listen to.”

-Paul Wilson, Audiophile Review


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Photography by Christine Quetola

Photography by Marina Albero