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 Review/JazzdaGama review by Raul de Gama      

If you are surprised by this impressive recording by Jacqueline Tabor you would not be alone. Miss Tabor has been away from the performance, focused on raising a family for a considerable length of time. Then she returned to the scene with a series of accomplished albums and this path returned her to music once again. But with The Lady in the Gown, she appears to have raised the bar on her performances somewhat higher than before, to write a new musical chapter in her life once again.

Four well-known active women musicians from Seattle are creating and curating each concert at TQS: Marina AlberoChava MirelAdriana Giordano, and Jacqueline Tabor. Our concerts online are interactive and welcoming. We create a space where to have an experience together and not just watch on a screen. TQS offers a connection hub to share thrives and hopes, thoughts and doubts while music enhances conversation and healing.  We are pleased to announce this work in progress has been recognized for Community in Action award in 2020. Please go to the youtube link to watch the award ceremony.  3/12/2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXh8U0LZvQs at 57:00 

Has anyone ever contacted you via Instagram and reminded you how they humanly have known you?  

One afternoon while surfing on the internet I received at a message on the gram (a mode of communication I seldom frequent) and this beautiful woman named Christine reminded me of how we were connected.

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