Upcoming Gigs & Performance Dates.

The HOLIDAY spirit is in the air, and for me, it is whatever makes you feel comfortable. To continue with the success of the BackYard Summer Concert Series, we now have The Holiday Tabor Jazz Experience. Can you imagine having The Seattle Chanteuse right there in your own home, venue, rental space? The opportunities are endless. The pandemic has done many things, and one of them is that we are all more creative when it comes to SPACE. Just imagine listening to the sultry sounds of Jacqueline Tabor while sipping wine sitting on your favorite couch, creating new and exciting memories. For bookings go to https://taborjazz.com/contact-us 

Trading Fours is a music podcast that focuses on musicians with a Kansas City connection. Your host is Jamie Green. Jamie is a guitarist who plays with the 90's band Thunder Jacket. He also is involved in other projects, and his undergraduate degree is in broadcast journalism. Trading Fours is published on the 15th and last day of the month. I was interview a few weeks ago by James Green a great musician in one of my favorite cities Kansas City to listen please follow the link:


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